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Marriage Equality-Love Can’t Wait — May 1, 2015

Marriage Equality-Love Can’t Wait

We all are waiting for the Supreme Court to hand down the decision on Marriage Equality so it is equally administrated throughout our 50 states and territories. In November 2014 our states U.S. District Court judge ruled the ban on same sex marriage violates equal protection under the 14th Amendament of the U.S. Constitution. Almost immediately the states Attorny General filed an Appeal to this decision. However the judge did rule marriage license were to be issued until either the Appeal was ruled on or there was a final decision passed down from the Supreme Court. This ruling left same sex couples able to obtain a valid marriage license.

So… I am so proud to announce my niece and her partner of five years will be getting married on October 7, 2015 in the presents of friends and family with a huge celebration to follow. We are so excited for this wedding so they can continue their life as wife and wife and we joyously welcome her partner to our family.